UltraBeanz NFTs

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UltraBeanz NFTs

✔ The evolution from the different original "Beanz" , with 3d and extras

✔ Currently we are in "cheaper step", the items are very cheap compared to what they will be worth in the future. (items non-purchased)

✔ The price of each non-purchased item will increase per day.

✔ The supply of items from the collection will be increased gradually

UltraBeanz are a small species that sprouts from the dirt in the garden. They make for a great sidekick to others NFTs, although some like to kick it alone. They're earnestly driven by the desire to help. However, certain Ultra Beanz like to make it on their own...

Coming soon...


Value of Collection

Be the evolution of the Bored Ape club classics and achieve community engagement.


Currently we are working in a exceeding value proposition for the community.